About Insite

Insite Connections is a small agency based in Milton Keynes. Our main focus is on helping small and medium sized organisations make the best possible use of the web and social media.

Insite is owned and run by Dave Gray. Dave has been working with charities and voluntary organisations since 1994. Over the past decade, Dave has helped numerous organisations develop high quality websites which are easy to use and manage.

Our experience

Insite's experience is based on a combination of Dave's wide ranging website design and development skills and his knowledge and understanding of how organisations work!

Our expertise

We specialise in developing websites using the Drupal and Wordpress content management systems.

We have extensive experience of email marketing and offer flexible consultancy services.

Our values

  • We strive at all times to provide a high quality professional service tailored to the specific needs of each client.  
  • We passionately believe that the web and social media have the ability to transform how organisations operate.
  • We practice website design as a collaborative process, we value the expertise and knowledge that our clients bring to any project.
  • We go the extra mile to ensure that our clients get exactly what they need.
  • We will always offer support to our clients after any work we do.
  • We believe in helping organisations be self sufficient in their use of the web and social media.
  • We love working with values driven organisations with whom we have shared principles.
  • We believe in Open Source technology and promote it wherever possible!
  • We offer many of our clients pro bono hours of support